jun 17
Parc Sandur

RWD World Championship

The date for the RWD World Championship 2019 has been chosen: from the 17th until the 24th of June 2019, Center Parcs Parc Sandur will be fully in racing mode! 

Please note: For participation in the RWD World Championship 2019, you have to subscribe via D1-10. (from 25th of November 2018)

We look forward to welcome you at Parc Sandur again for the 8th big international event RWD World Championship! You can book your own comfortable cottage here. 

For more information about the RWD World Championship 2019, have a look at the Facebook page.

It is also possible to book the weekend before 17th of June. If you are interested in this option please send an email to events@centerparcs.com and within 24 hours (except for the weekends) we will contact you with an offer.